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Subject: Re: The place of behaviour towards myth here
Author: Gifted spear of honest freedom   (guest)
Date: August 20, 2004 at 12:56:00 PM
Reply to: Actually those are the same name... by Anthony
Althought I know it to be a more common custom (is this the right word? I'm not first-language English speaker... In Spanish it would be the proper word... well I will just go on) among the ancient grecolatin worshippers... It might be that "soren" in the sense of "Thor" was just an epiphet of Thor meaning what it's latin counterpart "severus" (severe) meant, maybe a "scandinavization" of the word the latins used to identify their Thor... Likewise Belzebub is a cognate or a paronym and an epithet of a wind god of the more advanced cultures ancient monotheists found, meaning "lord of flies" it was used to name a similiarly-named (phonetical similiarity)god, whose name (being him a god) probably had another more lofty meaning... Do my point gets across?
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