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Subject: Re: Mike is just Joking
Author: No soy mike   (guest)
Date: August 20, 2004 at 1:19:27 PM
Reply to: Re: Perhaps Mike should change that to "m/f". nt by Claire
Don't you get he is joking? By the way... Beyond movies... Have you read "Demian" by Herman Hesse? That's another source from which to reinterpret Demian and Damian and etc. Personally I would combine etymologies and understand those names as "tamed distribuiter" or "distribiuting tamer" (Sorry for missepllings/typos, I'm in a hurry)... Of course whether the name brings evil or not with it... I do understand that it was just another of christianity's insults to non-christian beliefs (like in "beel zebub") for a "daimon" was neither, nor good nor evil, the "eudemon" was good the "cacodemon" was evil ("caco" like in "cacophony" "horrible strong sound" means "evil" and/or "bad"; "eu" like in "eucharyst", "eucharyot", "evander" and "evangelium" means "good"), "daimons" were just a different race, above humankind, below gods and demigods, slightly above, slightly below and/or in tie with human spirits... Like with humans they could be evil or good or neither... Furthermore... Even gods where subject to the same "freedom of alignment"...
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