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Subject: Which reminds me of a restaurant in our ol' town...
Author: Daividh   (guest)
Date: April 29, 2001 at 7:42:21 PM
Reply to: Re: For my twins by Nanaea
In Conover, NC there's this little seafood place called the Harbor Inn (Greek-run, of course, Pav -- by a guy named Nick!) that served humongous portions of good fried fish, shrimp, etc. really cheap.

They're out on the old highway paralleling the Interstate and so used one of those backlit signs to advertise their specials. One of the most frequent was the deviled crab and fried baby shrimp combo. Since the sign was fairly small, they economized on the description.

Imagine my surprise the first time I drove by and saw "Devil and Fried Baby Special". I mentioned it to several people at work (all natives), and the response was "So? That's the deviled crab and baby shrimp special. Everyone who's from here knows that!"

It ran like that periodically for six years that I know of, and undoubtedly still does today. Is that Satanic or what?

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