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Subject: I know!
Author: Miranda   (Authenticated as Randee15)
Date: August 22, 2004 at 2:37:44 PM
Reply to: is AWEFUL. Period by lala
And it misleads so many. But why shouldn't it? It's the first name site that pops up in a search engine when you type in "baby names", and if you're going the "type random URL into the address bar" route, well, all you have to do is type "" and you'll get the site.

And the heinous kre8iv spellings! I just looked up Mackenzie (which, miraculously, is said to mean "son of Kenneth" in Celtic/Gaelic), and it lists these as "alternate spellings": McKenzie, McKenzee, Mahkenzee, Mahkenzie, Macenzie, Mackensi, Mackensie, Mackenzee, Mackenzi, Meckenzy, Mekenzie, Mykenzie, and Mykenzi. X_X

We've seen many here who insists a name means something is doesn't because of that site, or one of its many clones. All of them should be taken out and shot for Name Crimes imo.


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