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Subject: Re: It's me again..
Author: Caroline   (guest)
Date: May 6, 2001 at 3:04:10 AM
Reply to: It's me again.. by Hayley
Hey Hayley !

Ariel : I like it , but I always think of Arielle the mermaid.
Hope : I like it more as a middle name.
Hannah : I like it but it is overused. Hannah Rose is a great name.
Sarah/Sara : I like it but it is overused. Prefer it spelled Sara .
Melanie : Ok, not my style.
Rayne : I love the name spelled Rain or Raine.
Amanda : Ok, I like the nickname Mandy .
Taylor : No, overused, not pretty enough for a girl.
Marie : Everyone´s middle name. It is ok.
Daphne : Makes me think of an old lady.
Penelope : Same as above.
Mary : No, overused.
Ella : Like it.
Whitney : Ok , not my style. I saw the name spelled Whittni.
Danielle : No, without a french accent it sounds bad.
Amber : I like it.
Claire : As middle name.
Erin : I like it.

Adam : Not my style.
Benjamin : Like it as middle name.
Christopher : Ok, like the nickname Chris .
Michael : No, overused.
Daniel : Overused.
John : Boring, overused.
Joeseph : Interesting spelling. Not my style.
Matthew : Love the nickname Matt .
Eric : Not my style.
Gregory : As middle name.
Thomas : As middle name.
James : See above.
William : See above.
Sam : I like it.

My faves are Amber , Rayne and Matthew .

Good luck !

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