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Subject: Re: It's me again..
Author: 'Cole   (guest)
Date: May 6, 2001 at 5:25:17 PM
Reply to: It's me again.. by Hayley
It's never too early to start brainstorming on names, Hayley ! I've been naming things since I was three(I'm 18 now)!
Anyway, I'm gonna try to comment on all the names, at least the ones I feel need to be commented on.

Ariel - pretty, but I think of the Little Mermaid when I hear it
Hope - use as a middle name
Hannah , Sara , Danielle - will never go out of style
Melanie - I like it
Rayne- I LOVE this name and the spelling
Amanda - very common, but won't go out of style
Taylor - like it
Daphne - I don't really like it
Penelope - It's okay, but not my favorite; call her Penny (nick name)
Mary - way too common and overused- use Marie (pronounced Muh-ree)
Ella - love it as a middle name
Whitney - not crazy about it
Amber - okay
Claire - I think of an old lady when I hear it
Erin - okay

Adam - like it a lot
Benjamen- LOVE this name
Christopher - hate it, plus it's too common
Michael - like it
Daniel - like it- it's my dad's name!
John - please don't name your boy this
Joeseph- I like the nick name Joey
Matthew - LOVE it!
Eric - okay
Gregory - don't like it
Thomas - very good, solid name. Won't go out of style
William - like it
Sam - okay

My favorite combinations are:
Taylor Rayne
and Benjamen Matthew

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