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Subject: How about Lee?
Author: Öllegård   (guest)
Date: May 8, 2001 at 7:34:36 PM
Reply to: I hate my name! by Hayley
My dd calls herself Li (pn Lee ) when she want a nn. Her name is Lilian . Not that i think that a 2-syllabic name as Hayley need a nn. Short names like Grace and Rose get longer nn (Gracie and Rosie ). Long names like Elizabeth and Alexandra get shorter nn (Lizzie , Lexi etc). But Hayley is perfect and needs no nn imo.

My dds friends Linda , Emma , Anna and Lisa all go by their given names. I refuse to call her Li , to me she is always Lilian .

I think we have to learn to accept our names, just as we have to accept our parents and our looks (can be hard sometimes, i know). At least your name is not weird or unheard of.

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