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Subject: Re: What's the difference?
Author: RachelChristine   (Authenticated as RachelChristine)
Date: August 31, 2004 at 8:21:14 AM
Reply to: Re: What's the difference? by Andy
Well I'm wondering if I'll be able to market it without slapping the word "baby" in there somewhere. Not that people couldn't use it for a babyname book, nor do I even care if that is the section it would get shelved in in a bookstore, but I am wanting to do something a little different.

I don't know a whole lot about publishing in the US, but I know that there are two options. Either get a publisher, in which case it'll be cheaper on you and easier to get the book out and about the country. OR self-publish. It costs quite a bit, but there are companies that specialize in that, and you can order however many copies of a book that you want, but then you have to do a lot of the marketing and getting it into bookstores yourself.
My mom is in the process of getting her first novel self-published. It's due out late fall/early winter. She has a friend who went that route and he's doing very well. He got a deal with our local Border's, who loves to promote local authors, especially when their books deal with local history somehow, which my mom's does. He has helped her in dealing with all the getting it published aspects, and when it comes out is going to help her with getting it sold at Border's, having book signings, etc.

I'm always interested in hearing from people in Germany. Whereabouts are you from if you don't mind? My husband worked in Munchen for a summer, and I went to visit him. We both want to go back SO badly. He speaks (reads/writes/etc) very fluent German (and I speak NONE -- I'm mathematical LOL), and loved getting a chance to actually use his skill and work on it while there.

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