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Subject: New names
Author: Julie and Elissa   (guest)
Date: May 14, 2001 at 5:28:37 PM
Here are a list of new names me and my friend Elissa have come up with and their meanings.

1. Daea- (day-ah) (origin-latin) meaning bright and beautiful

2. Shinala- (shee-nah-lah)(origin-african) meaning strong and independant

3. Kertayana- (kuhr-tay-ahn-ah) (origin-mexican) meaning flowers blooming.

4. Permadraea- (puhr-mah-dray-ah) (origin-greek) meaning stable-minded.

5. Tepenaloas- (teh-peh-nah-low-us) (origin-portugese) meaning rushing water

6. Asheliko- (ash-ell-ee-coh) (origin-alaskan) meaning burning ice

7. Zumbrila- (zuhm-bree-luh) (origin-african) meaning rainy sunset

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