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Subject: Onomatipoeticon
Author: Selwyn   (guest)
Date: May 15, 2001 at 4:08:06 PM
Reply to: name? by Denise
La indicates that we are dealing with a french name. It would however have been nice if you would say where you had this name from and such which would make this a whole lot easier.

But back to our project.
"La" can be translated into "The"
"Bron" does not mean anything in French in itself as far as I know.
The closest word I can think of is "Brun" which means "Brown".

I knw it has nothing to with this but I just came to remember that in greek "bron" is an onomatipoeticon (sound word) associated with thunder. It is interesting to think that the greeks found that thunder says "Bron Bron".

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