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Subject: Re: more names that i like...
Author: Judith   (guest)
Date: May 16, 2001 at 8:20:06 AM
Reply to: more names that i like... by Hayley
Hey Hayley

Belle : Ok, old fashioned. Use it as middle name.
Bonnie : Ok, not my style. Nice as middle name.
Carmen : It´s nice but not my style. I prefer names that are more unusual.
Isabel : I like the name. Prefer Isabella .
Fawn : Ok, prefer Dawn .
Shannon : I like it but it makes me think of Shannen Doherty.
Judy : Ok, sounds old to me.
Genevieve : Not my style, sorry.
Colleen : I like the name.
Paige : I love the name. It´s one of my favorites.
Brooke : Ok, makes me think of Brooke Shields.
Abigail : I like the name.
Morgan : I like the name.
Sydney : I love the name. One of my favorites.
Olivia : Like it. Love the nickname Livvy.
Allison : Don´t like it because -son means son of. It is overused.
Victoria : Not my style.
Anna : I like it, prefer Annika .
Sarah : Prefer Sara . Overused.
Alexis : Overused but nice.
Jessica : Overused. Like the nickname Jessie .
Taylor : No, overused.
Hannah : Overused, old fashioned.
Madison : Ok, I like the nickname Maddy.
Amanda : I like it. Nice nickname (Mandy )
:) :) :)
Lauren : Love it. Lauren Rose .
Courtney : Love it.
Amber : Love it.
Megan : Ok, not my style.
Rachael : Love it. Spell it Rachel .
Alyssa : Like it. Alyssa Jayne .
Danielle : No. Without a french accent it sounds like Blah.
Jasmine : Prefer it spelled Jasmin . Nice flower name.
Kayla : I like it but it is overused. Cool name, but she will outgrow it after high school.
Angela : Sounds old to me. Prefer Angelina or Angel .
Andrea : Don´t like it because I have never met a nice Andrea .
Erica : I like the name.
Maria : Like it. The name of a classmate. Her nickname is Marie . Prefer Maria as middle name.
Katie : I like it but it sounds like a nickname. Name her Kate , Katherine , Katelyn , Katarina (nickname Katie )
Alicia : I like it. Reminds me of Alicia Silverstone.
Jenna : Ok. Better than Jennifer .
Lindsey : Like it spelled Lindsay .
Ryan : I like it. Is overused.
Michael : Overused Overused Overused
Austin : Overused
James : Old, overused.
Harry : Boring
Alexander : I like the nickname Lex.
Brian : Nice too 70s
Ron : Nickname
Kevin : Overused
Alan : Not my style
Chris : Nickname
Adam : and Eve ? Not my style
Andrew : No, overused
Charles : NO, prince charles. eeeeeeeeeeeuuuu
Sven : Swedish. Not my style.
Matthew : Love it. Nickname Matt .
Noah : Love it. Like it for a girl spelled Noa.
Patrick : Patrick Swayze. It is Ok.
Hunter : Too violent. He could become a ballett dancer (I don´t hope so, but he could)
Lewis : Sounds like Levi´s (jeans)
Cody : Doesn´t age well.
Richard : Old. Hate the nickname Dick .
Logan : No reminds me of Baywatch
Kyle : Boring
Tom : and Jerry
Jeffrey : Not my style.
Mark : OK
Jason : I love it.
Travis : No
Steven/Stephen: No prefer Stephen
Jeremy : OK
Paul : Boring, old
Brad : Spell it Brett and I love it
Tyler : Overused
Ben : Boring, too short
Anthony : No
Zachary : OK
Christian : OK
Eric : OK
Sam : Like it


Hope that helps


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