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Subject: Similar but not too similar
Author: Öllegård   (guest)
Date: May 16, 2001 at 6:40:29 PM
Reply to: Names for twins by Judith
I like their names to match but not being too similar. Too similar is confusing and they may not like it when they grow up.

Kristen and Kaitlyn (need middle names): Pretty but too similar
Robin Sidney and Rachel Lindsay (too twinny ?): How about Sydney Robin and Lindsey Raven ? Robin and Rachel are too different in style IMO.
Sydney Raven and Lily Robin (my favorite combo) (too unusual ?) Too different in style, Sydney is unisex and Lily is very feminine
Lily Heather and Jasmine Paige (too many flowers ?) I love both Lily and Jasmine . But with Heather as mn it is too flowery. How about Lily Rae and Jasmine Paige ?
Wendi and Brenda (I need middle names): Too rhymey
Brenda and Linda (too twinny ?) (need middle names): Too similar
Sara Rose and Jana Lynn : Like it
Jodie Leanne and Jamie Luana : Too similar
Caroline Marie and Christina Mae : Love them
Mercedes (do you think of the car) and Maria (need middle names): Mercedes Anne and Maria Jane ?
Esmé (Ays-may) and Chordé (Shor-day or Cor-day): Prefer Esmeralda and Cordelia (nn Esmé and Cordé or Lala and Deli)

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