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Subject: Names from other countries
Author: MandyPearl   (guest,
Date: August 13, 2006 at 8:52:29 PM
Hi! Here are some names from other countries that I like. If you know what they mean and how they are pronounced I'd love to know.

Aitana (used in Spain, was ranked #44 in 2004)
Ainara (" ", was ranked #50 in 2004)
Naiara (" ", was ranked #60 in 2004)
Ainoa (used in Catalonia, was ranked #100 in 2003)

Also Nerea, Malin and Sanna are listed, but without pronounciations. Is Nerea Nur-A-ya or Nah-ray-uh?? Is Malin May-lynn or Mah-lynn or Mall-in?? Is Sanna San-ah or Sawn-ah??


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