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Subject: No idea about XIOMARA - just refering to VANESSA
Author: Andy ;—)   (guest)
Date: August 18, 2006 at 2:21:56 PM
Reply to: Xiomara -- Germanic or Celtic? by Cleveland Kent Evans
Hi, Cleveland,

I'm afraid I have nothing to say about XIOAMARA/CHIOMARA. I have never heard of either.
I was just wondering what you meant, when you said "as with the genus of butterflies called Vanessa, the butterflies were probably named after the legendary character." - What "legendary character" do you refer to in the case of VANESSA?

Also I'm taking the chance in a completely different matter: I will be going to the States for one year a week from now. I would love to call your new name book my own there. I wlll have one day in Seattle, before I go to a place with no internet. And I'm not sure whether I'll find a book store in Seattle that has your book in store. But I do have a Master Card. So would you please give me the exact data of your book (ISBN + title; I had all of this written down, but it got lost in the procedure of our move) once more so I can go and ask and have it sent to the place where I will be.

Also I am looking for a co-author for two projects I have in mind for the American market. Maybe you could E-mail me at:

Thanks in advance!


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