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Subject: Re: Leskadia
Author: Rosomaqa   (Authenticated as rosomaqa)
Date: September 8, 2004 at 12:08:49 PM
Reply to: Leskadia by Miss Claire
What does the Polish feminine name Leskadia mean?

This *must* be the misspelling of Leokadia.
From the Greek Leokades. However, I found two varying meanings/derivations:
1. from the words leos-people, and kados-care.
2. leukas - light, clear

Its about the 130th most frequent among the Polish population today.
It's familiar, but *very* old-fashioned, not in a good way. Nicknames Loda, Lodzia (pr. Lodzha). There was a St. Leocadia of Toledo in the 3rd century, a martyr.



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