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Subject: Ashlyn and..
Author: chazda   (Authenticated as chazda)
Date: September 9, 2004 at 10:58:18 PM
Someone posted here a week or so ago (the poster's name was "Maria Ascela") about the name Ascela.

I chased it around the net and all I found were:
Ascella - a star in the constellation Orion (unlikely to be related), and
Ascelin(e) - a surname / first name (used for either sex) deriving ultimately from Germanic Adal ("noble") - see my post if you care,

The lists of surnames I encountered while looking for Ascelin contained all sorts of names that looked like they could be intermediate between Ascelin and Ashlyn. Not that I doubt the etymology of Ashlyn as given here or as phonetic of Aisling, but..

Does anyone have any more info on the name Ascelin and its forms - usage or pronunciation in particular? I'm wondering if it could have been used concurrently in the same fashion with Ashlyn/Aisling at some point, and perhaps confused with it by some.

Along the same lines, anyone know how far back the usage of Ashlyn itself goes, as opposed to Aisling?

- chazda

[Edited to add that I'd found the earlier post I'd made]

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