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Subject: Jacey and Kimora
Author: lac   (guest)
Date: October 16, 2006 at 10:06:50 PM
I know these two names aren't similar, but I didn't want to make two posts. Here are two names I've heard recently and I'd like to know they're origins:

Jacey - In the past week, I've seen this and Jaycee. It's an American feminine name. Is it related to Jace? Does it come from the initials J.C.? Could it be a variant of Macy?

Kimora - This is the name of an African-American model (Kimora Lee?). I think she's half Asian. Baby name sites say this name is a combination of Kim and Nora (or any name ending in Ora). I'm sure it originated as a combination name, but does it have a meaning in any other language?

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