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Subject: Re: pronounciation of Ethne....
Author: Nightingale   (Authenticated as Nightingale)
Date: October 30, 2006 at 12:30:37 PM
Reply to: pronounciation of Ethne.... by dondonsae
I am not Irish, nor have I ever been to Ireland, so I can only go by websites and one online Irish aquaintance when it comes to Irish names. I would still like to add my 2 cents though :)

From what I can gather, and I do trust certain sources, Eithne is pronounced "En-ya" and Ethne, the same or "En-na". So I think Jenna may be right about the 'th' being silent.

Also, I'm sure there are names that are mispronounced and/or spelt incorrectly all over the world. I've come across some people that think Ciara is said "See-air-ra", when in fact it's "Kee-ra". Yet they're sure they're right. So while there may be different people in South Africa that pronounce Ethne "Eth-nee", they may not be correct.

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