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Subject: Fairytale Names?
Author: Jacks   (Authenticated as Schuyler)
Date: September 27, 2004 at 5:08:49 PM
I love the classic DISNEY fairytales & have just started to read the original Grimm Brothers' versions, and I was wondering if anyone knew the answers to the following questions?
- Everyone knows Sleeping Beauty as Aurora, when did the switch from Briar Rose to Aurora happen & why? Meanings?
- Was Cinderella's name always that? It just means ash girl!Info???
- Same as above question for Snow White.
- Is Belle from Beauty & the Beasts name simply Belle or is it short for Isabelle (which is French)? or as one very irrate woman told me "Annabella" ?
- what are other fairytale names with original meanings, different origins, or have been changed over the years, etc. I'd love a comprehensive list & any help would be greatly appreciated?

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