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Subject: Behind teh Piniature Pinscher
Author: CheBanana   (guest)
Date: December 22, 2000 at 5:30:22 AM
Reply to: Anagrams for Daividh by Nanaea
Let us analyse your favourite breed by considering some of its anagrams:
The Miniature Pinscher is indeed a very satanic breed (“Unchristian Empire”, “I'm unchristian peer”). It appreciates going walkies (“Merriest up in chain”) which can get quite messy at times (“I'm the crap in urines”, “Urine trip machines”, “Chats in prime urine”, “I'm the urine-crap sin”). The MinPin displays utter contempt to all forms of arbitrary authority (“Him urinates prince”, “Rich superman in tie”). They become randy little devils when they encounter other doggies (“I'm raunchier in pets”, “Ruminate rich penis”), and they sometimes get hurt in the process (“I'm a nicer hurt penis”) . In brief owning a MinPin can be a traumatic experience (“I'm raunchier pet sin”, “I'm the urine crap sin”) but the bottom line truly rewarding (“Inspire the cranium”, “I'm a sunnier rich pet”).

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