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Subject: Re: Could it be Divana
Author: Tamreen   (guest)
Date: October 18, 2004 at 5:41:08 PM
Reply to: Re: Could it be Divana by Shamsheer
horsey ? please do not make fun of me sad sad plight... i am trying to forget about that... (horse in question is not winning races!)

it's really amazing for me to have found a meaning to my name, although it's not really special "to make supple", hummmm what was my mom thinking of when she named me ??? plus, i now know that Tamreen also means "lessons" in Turkish, and my last name (Arif)means "knowledgeable" in arabic. so basically i'm Lessons Knowledgeable... hummm sad

about the Dee-WAH-na thing, sorry about that mate, my 1st language is bengali and we say Dee-VAH-na, so i end up getting mixed up sometimes. gotta forgive for that one.

anyways, muchas gracias para tu ayuda.

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