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Subject: Re: New article
Author: Anneza   (guest,
Date: October 19, 2004 at 1:33:00 AM
Reply to: New article by Mike C
Holy cow. (And I suppose there are innocent children with that as a name, too.) I had no idea ...

I have always felt mildly superior to countries which have lists of approved names, but no more. This is child abuse. Dare we hope that it is indeed a trend and not a lasting paradigm shift? What will a woman named DeLisha (one of the milder examples, you will admit)or Tongyel name her own daughter? And what kind of self-image must they have, these people with names that look like the result of sticking a spoon into alphabet soup and using the letters you get, regardless of pronunciation, let along meaning?

Come back, Mary, Sandra, Joan - all is forgiven!

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