Subject: Re: A webpage?
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: August 16, 2001 at 8:47:10 PM
Reply to: Re: A webpage? by Daividh
"I've known branch-tearers; branch-tearers have been friends of mine; and Madam, your dog is NO branch-tearer!! Altho she appears to be ripping off something else..."

****** She is the Goddess of Destruction! Her bark lays waste to the countryside, and with her paw she smites the mighty garden mole! She is... (shhhh...! Dare I speak her name?) PRINCESS KALI!

"I like John's page. I like his short story. I even like your dogs. But "came to marry you in 1981"? 20 years ago? PUH-LEEZE!! We've seen your picture elsewhere, Nan. What were you in 1981, 13?"

****** Thanks for the flattery, Da. :) Although I was a bit older than 13 when I married (this is New York, ya know, not Kintuckie!), I will admit to having not been too long out of high school and an undergrad at college. So, by rough calculations, this *probably* places me only a few years younger than you, and just a few years older than Pavlos. :)

"The webpage is in its infancy. Being one who's hopelessly lost in anything tougher than Excel, I've prevailed on my dear sis, a software engineer and website designer for an obscure division of IBM, to take a shot at it. Bets are that I'll end up doing it meself. She means well but doesn't have a good track record on finishing PERSONAL projects..."

****** Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

"John, however, has proved to be an inspiration. Now all I gotta do to have a good personal page is lay it out and write 100 books... : )
(Incidentally, having seen a coupla his books in a local store, I entered his name in the Barnes and Noble site to see what they carried. Computer came back with over 130 entries, including collaborations and different editions!!) Does this guy ever come up for air?"

****** John's pretty busy, all right. I'll pass your (and Pavlos') comments on to him. :)

-- Nanaea

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