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Subject: Spill-over nonsense from Haggisbutt...
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: August 20, 2001 at 5:25:15 AM
Reply to: So what's all this about? nt by Mike C
See, there's this person over on Haggisbutt who posts under the name of "Melissa". Melissa uses various aliases from time to time, and she's been labeled the message board's CNDQ ("Co-dependent Narcissistic Drama Queen").

Melissa is one of those kinds of trolls who just has to "stir things up" every now and then, because Real Life sometimes gets too boring for her, or because her boyfriend told her she's overweight, or because of whatever the Crisis du Jour in her life happens to be at the moment.

So, every now and then Melissa does this Big Posting either telling off everybody on Haggisbutt for not "supporting" her when she was soliciting donations for her latest cause, or for not "talking" to her by joining in on her name games, or for just being "mean" to her when one or two people over there get so fed up that they ask her to knock off the drama and stick to the topic of names.

The Board Administrator, Katie D., has politely asked Melissa to knock off the crap. Then, when that didn't work, Katie D. more firmly asked Melissa to knock off the crap. Melissa responded by posting that Katie D. is "immature".

I dunno if all this brings you up-to-date, Mike, or if you really care. :) Right now, we've pretty much decided that Melissa is either a little bit mentally retarded, or has some kind of chemical imbalance in her brain.

Whatever her problem is, it ain't my problem. Katie D. has also advised Melissa to go out and find some message board where Melissa might be able to get the "support" she's so desperately seeking.

Maybe Melissa just came over here last night, thinking this could be her new "home".

Heheh... Talk about playing skip-rope in the wrong damn neighborhood... :)

-- Nanaea
P.S. Our own Melissa who posts over here is not the same Melissa from Haggisbutt. But, of course, that was already pretty obvious from the high quality of literacy in our own BTN Melissa's postings. :)

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