Subject: No, but it helps. ;)
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: August 22, 2001 at 1:35:17 PM
Reply to: Does a woman *have* to be Jewish to be witty and charming on BtN? by Pavlos
Excerpted from *The Head of Alvice*, by the German Nobel Laureate, Lina Wertmuller:

"Well, first came Moses, illuminated on Mount Sinai, he raised his hands toward the sky to receive the laws. And gave the first great explanation of life: 'Everything comes from the heavens.'

"Then came the wise man, Solomon. He lowered his hands from the sky to the forehead. 'Everything comes from wisdom, from the life and justice of intelligence. Everything comes from the head.'

"Christ came along after a few years. He lowered his hands from the head to the heart. 'Everything is love, love thy neighbour as thyself, everything comes from your heart.'

"That worked well until Marx came around and lowered his hands from his heart to the stomach. 'Here, everything comes from the belly.'

"But a few years after came Freud. He slid his hands down further, if you will excuse me, down to the amatory, libidinous parts. He explained that the true sense of everything originated there - Eros, Psyche, Folly, Art and Life and Death. 'Everything is summed up there, in sex.'

"Finally, Einstein leapt to his feet and stopped them all. 'Careful, boys, careful. Everything is relative.' "

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