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Subject: Re: Does this names mean witch?
Author: Gianfranco E. Tubino Bryce   (guest,
Date: October 27, 2004 at 2:04:08 PM
Reply to: Does this names mean witch? by Dallyn
Rhiannon is a name akin to a river, it's of celtic origin if my memory does not betrays me, from what I remember you can see about it either in this page, in the "behind the surname" complement or in "the last names dictionary"... Now, it's meaning is not itself very witchy, it's akin to a river and I think to that river's goddess too; from this point of view it might be a sacred name to non-christians, like "Mary" is a name sacred to christians, therefore those who are into the wiccan and such new-age "tradition" of cult-revival might choose it with that in mind, they might be called witches pejoratively by christians or they might take that name themselves in a "what-you-call-me-to-insult-me-is-my-pride-and-therefore-your-shame" attitude (forgive my grammar and ortography; I've lost some of my English not being native speaker and using it little in my daily life); anyway, if you consider wiccans and such new age celtic-oriented people "witches" well, you could take it as a witches name... So, it's up to your interpretation... Yet, I think this is the wrong board for the question but... Well, let's allow someone else to give a translation (I think my sources said it's actual meaning is unknown)... Bye.

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