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Subject: She wasn't talking to you (m)
Author: Chrisell   (Authenticated as Chrisell)
Date: October 27, 2004 at 8:35:38 PM
Reply to: Re: Which Spanish surname do you mean? by jennifer mack
She was talking to the other poster, whose post was ambiguous.

Please don't use all capitals, it's the internet equivalent of shouting and is considered very rude.

Ponder, if it's from England, could just mean 'ponder' - which is most likely in my opinion - or it could be an occupation name of some sort (like Hunter, Miller etc) but I don't know that Ponder has ever been an occupation.

Like someone suggested, try (I think that's right - if it doesn't work, there's a tiny link to it at the bottom of the main Behind the Name page).

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