Subject: More theories on the name of Rhett...
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: August 29, 2001 at 6:07:11 AM
Reply to: Re: P.S. by Raven
I've been inspired by this one, because Raven's fiance is named Rhett and what can be more self-indulgently fascinating than to project one's own sentimentality into speculation regarding why an author may have selected a certain name for her character?

I have carefully consider Raven's painstakingly thought-out theory as to how Margaret Mitchell may have derived the name of Rhett. See, if you pronounce every syllable of her name the last one sounds like Rhett! Or maybe even Ghrett! And there was a man she was very close to named Henry Love Angel so that would explain where she got the H added to the last syllable! It could have been some kind of "message" to this guy! Cleeeeever, no?

So the following are possible names which Margaret Mitchell may have first considered for her character of Rhett Butler, but which may have been discarded by that stinker of an editor of hers -- Harold Latham -- who probably had NO romantic streak in himself AT ALL.

1. Ghee Butler (derived from "Peggy", the nickname by which Margaret went)

2. Lhynn Butler (derived from MM's middle name of "Munnerlyn")

3. Chhell Butler (derived from MM's professional surname)

4. Mharshh Butler (derived from MM's married surname. Hey, wait a minute... MM was married to John Marsh at the time, wasn't she? Whoa, I wonder what "secret message" she may have been sending *him*?)

But, getting back to MM's "secret message" to Henry Love Angel... Don't you get girly chills all over, just thinking about it?
Daividh, Pavlos, Mike? Do you guys get girly chills, too, with all this secret love message stuff? I think Raven really hit on something here!

-- Nanaea

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