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Subject: Re: Generation CAF (Nymbler using Grace, Elise, Katherine, Mara, Abigail, Stefanie
Author: Bea   (Authenticated as Bea)
Date: March 30, 2012 at 7:52:21 AM
Reply to: Generation CAF (Nymbler using Grace, Elise, Katherine, Mara, Abigail, Stefanie by miakendall1075
DH: Henry Benjamin (80)
DW: Elizabeth Charlotte (81)

DD: Ella Adrienne (60)
DS: William Jacob (58)
DD: Amelia Katharine (55)
DS: Alexander Owen (52)
DD: Sophia Madeleine (50)

Henry and Elizabeth have Ella, William, Amelia, Alexander and Sophia


DD: Ella Adrienne (60)
DH: Owen Samuel (62)

DD: Penny Kate (35)
-DH: Leo Ethan (34)
--DD: Lily Caroline (8)
--DS: Caleb Andrew (5)

Penny and Leo have Lily and Caleb

DD: Rose Georgette (32)
-DH: Levi Isaac (33)
--DD: Claire Molly (7)
--DS: Myles Ryan (5)
--DD: Violet Therese (2)

Rose and Levi have Claire, Myles and Violet

DS: Gabriel Thomas (30)
-DW: Emily Harper (31)
--DS: Lucas Philip (6)
--DS/DD: Theodore Nathan "Theo" / Stella Evelyn (4)

Gabriel and Emily have Lucas, Theo and Stella

Ella and Owen have Penny, Rose and Gabriel


DS: William Jacob (58)
DW: Scarlett Alice (59)

DD: Millie Rebecca (34)
-DH: Joshua Nathaniel (35)
--DD: Lila Stephanie (8)
--DS: Anton Lukas (5)

Millie and Joshua have Lila and Anton

DD: Clara Penelope (32)
-DH: Ari Finn (33)
--DD: Eleanor Coralie (4)

Clara and Ari have Eleanor

DS: Jules Evan (30)
-DW: Phoebe Esme (31)
--DS/DD: Adam Cornelle / Ivy Catherine (6)

Jules and Phoebe have Adam and Ivy

William and Scarlett have Millie, Clara and Jules


DD: Amelia Katharine (55)
DH: Stefan Andrei "Steffi" (56)

DD: Lydia Naomi (30)
-DH: Jasper Brady (31)
--DD: Delilah Lauren (4)

Lydia and Jasper have Delilah

DD: Peta Megan (27)
-Dbf: Jake Telly (28)
--DD: Genevieve Kennedy (1)

Peta and Jake have Genevieve

DS: Milo Ezra (22)

Amelia and Steffi have Lydia, Peta and Milo


DS: Alexander Owen (52)
DW: Angelina Callie "Lina" (50)

DS: Kai Hayden (21)
DD: Piper Erin (18)
DS/DD: Jude Sean / Riley Brooke (16)

Alexander and Lina have Kai, Piper, Jude and Riley


DD: Sophia Madeleine (50)
DH: Connor Wyatt (48)

DD: Juliet Margot (14)
DD: Helena Maisie (12)
DS: Asher Perry (10)
DD: Eve Josephine (8)

Sophia and Connor have Juliet, Helena, Asher and Eve

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