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Subject: Re: Jessamine's Free Choice Congrats {Round Unu - 1}
Author: Alethea   (guest)
Date: April 17, 2012 at 9:44:40 PM
Reply to: Jessamine's Free Choice Congrats {Round Unu - 1} by Jessamine
Roommate1: Jonathan "J.T." Thomas Riggins
Roommate2: Roxanna "Rocky" Jamie Brennan
Roommate3: Lucas "Luke (Skywalker)" Skyler Anthony Walker
Roommate4: Henrietta "Hankie" Vivian Molgrath
-DD: Benedicta "Benny" Janice Rennan-Walgrath [J.T. and Rocky's]
-DS: Skywalker James Rennan-Walgrath [Luke and Rocky's]
-DS: Ronan "Ronny" Jonathan Rennan-Walgrath [J.T. and Hankie's]
-DD: Venice Rome Renna-Walgrath [Luke and Hankie's]

On New Years Ever, the gang had a home party--just the four of them. There was lots of laughter, fun, and drinks. As well as some "grown up fun." J.T. got with Rocky. Luke got with Hankie. Then they switched and J.T. was with Hankie and Luke was with Rocky. And there is now a couple of babies in the Riggins-Brennan-Walker-Molgrath home.

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