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Subject: Viatrix's New Congrats {sign - ups}
Author: Viatrix   (Authenticated as Viatrix)
Date: September 12, 2012 at 2:37:00 AM

This will be a varied congrats game, with different ways of getting the names for your family - namebanks, initials, rules, etc.

I will try to get a round up every day, or second day.

My expectations are that:
- if you're going to miss more than two rounds, you will let me know in advance.
- you will bold new additions to the family (not necessary in this round).
- you accept that if you miss FOUR (4) rounds in a row, you will be dropped.
- not change spellings, or nicknames to full names unless explicitly told that round that you can.

If you choose to include ages, it is up to you to update them. Also, I don't like the whole "DS" and "DD" thing, they will all just be "D" and "S".

Of course, it should go without saying, that your couples are welcome to be straight, not straight, married, or otherwise. Up to you!

I hope you have fun! :)

Signup form:

Appleton Battle Bontempo Clay Collins Fisher Fox Franklin Green Handleman Harper Hayes Jenkins Jordan Loredan Lynne Marsh Parker Rand Tennison Tingle Weekley Wilson Woodhouse

Female names:
Alice Amelia Ayn Beaty Caesonia Caroline Claretta Cora Elinor Eve Frances Frieda Galina Georgina Gertrude Hermia Jane Joanne Julie Lilia Lydia Marcella Morgana Ophelia Patricia Prospera Ruth Victoria

Male names:
Abe Amos Anthony Bradford Charlie Clyde Curtis Cyrus Dante Dennis Floyd Fred Geoffrey George Howard Ira Jackson Jake Jessie Jules MacKenzie Nate Philip Sid Ted

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