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Subject: Re: Viatrix's New Congrats {five}
Author: Wandering Moon   (Authenticated as Lillian Abigail)
Date: September 21, 2012 at 6:19:38 PM
Reply to: Viatrix's New Congrats {five} by Viatrix
UN: Wandering Moon
LN: Fisher-Jenkins
W: Hermia Ruth Fisher-Jenkins
W: Caroline Ophelia Fisher-Jenkins “Carrie”

D: Karen Gabrielle [Fisher-Jenkins] Pasternak
-W: Rebekah Amira Pasternak

D: Audrey Elizabeth [Fisher-Jenkins] Gray
-H: Magnus Gregory Gray

D/S: Scarlett Beatrix & Hunter Benjamin
S: Tristram Marius
S: Gregor Leopold
S: Caleb Phineas
S: Asa Barnabas
D/D: Elise Veronica & Laurel Magdalene


I love one man, and you know it; I love him while awake; while sleeping; living; dead; love him. And if I can’t have him then God doesn’t exist, Reverend Sigurður; and you, the archpriest, don’t exist, nor does the bishop, nor my father, nor Jesus Christ; nothing—except for evil.

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