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Subject: Re: Viatrix's New Congrats {six} + note
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: September 24, 2012 at 6:25:24 AM
Reply to: Viatrix's New Congrats {six} by Viatrix
Note: I decided to change my screen-name at the most awkward possible time. I was wondering if I could have my UN in the game changed to prevent confusion? :)

LN: Loredan
H: Ira Jules Loredan
W: Ophelia Frieda (Harper) Loredan

S: Ezra Abraham Loredan
-W: Mairin Sabra (Carpenter) Loredan
-D/S: Madeline Olivia Loredan / Henry Christopher Loredan

S: Vincent Edgar Loredan
-Gf: Soraya Alia Roux

D: Isabelle Carmen (Loredan) Lauritsen [twin to Beatrice]
-H: Gregory Cyrus Lauritsen

D: Beatrice Clementine (Loredan) Leonard [twin to Isabelle]
-H: Edmund Theodore Leonard

D: Seraphina Eluned (Loredan) Sharp
-W: Penelope Hazel Sharp

S: Leopold Theophilus Loredan
S: Victor Adam Loredan
D/D/D: Astrid Millicent Loredan / Arabella Madeleine Loredan / Philomena Lyra Loredan
S/S: Roland Maximilian Loredan / Levi Octavian Loredan


a.k.a The Dying Daylight in disguise

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