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Subject: Zombie's NTNB 3 Families Round 7
Author: zombieoftheweek   (Authenticated as zombieoftheweek)
Date: September 27, 2012 at 5:05:41 PM
LN: Gardener
W: Frida Patience Gardener (Weirwood)
W: Henrietta Caitlin Ireland "Harry" (Loki)
D: Matilda Juniper Gardener "Matty" (JessicaP)
S: Nathaniel Riordan Gardener (Weirwood)
D: Victoria Phoebe Gardener (SugarPlumFairy)
D: Caroline Scarlett Gardener (Ninor)
S: Benjamin Aries Gardener (ValerieK)

Matty has gotten married! Her husband's first name and surname are Russian.


LN: Devereax
H: Karl Aurelian Devereaux (Viatrix)
W: Emma Violet Brown (Serel Channah)
S: Leon Guillaume Devereaux (Jessamine)
-W: Dorothy Beatrix Martin “Dot” (Viatrix)
D: Sara Violette Devereaux (ValerieK) (Ruth's twin)
D: Ruth Aurelia Devereaux (Serel Channah) (Sara's twin)
S: Remy Alexis Devereaux (Ninor)
D: Maya Juliet Devereaux (Miakendall1075)

Leon and Dot have had a daughter! Her first name should be Shakespearean, and her middle name should in some way honor Dot's maiden name.
Sara has gotten married! Her husband's first name should be something that is now considered to have "gone to the girls". His middle name should contain a U, and his surname is your choice.


LN: Kovacs-Foster
H: Hilbert Kovacs "Hill" (SugarPlumFairy)
W: Juliet Leah Foster (Miakendall1075)
D: Delilah Hepzibah Kovacs-Foster "Lilah" (Zaïre Ann) (Jacob's twin)
-H: Dallas Miller Hertz (Ninor)
S: Jacob Zephaniah Kovacs-Foster (Julia) (Lilah's twin)
-W: Lillian Hanna Kelspar (LadyJenna)
D: Beatrice Kezia Kovacs-Foster (LittleMissNicki)
S: William Kenan Kovacs-Foster (AhaRememo)
S: Elijah Raphael Kovacs-Foster (SugarPlumFairy)

Lilah and Dallas have had a son! His name should start with a D, and his middle name should honor Hill in some way.

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