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Subject: LadyJenna's Two Family NTNB Round 6
Author: LadyJenna   (Authenticated as LadyJenna)
Date: September 28, 2012 at 8:12:17 AM
Travers Family

DH: Rogan Charles
DW: Rebekkah Lucille-Rose

DD: Tierney Willa
Dbf: Kason Richard Patterson III
DS: Rowan Kase (Ninor)
DD/DD: Tinsley Elle(mooly) and Waverly Mia (SugarPlumFairy)
DS: Riordan Theodore (Jessanmine)
DW: Theodora Igraine Bates-Travers (Wierwood)
DD/DD: Flannery Pearl(findthsea) and Brogan Ada(miakendal1075)
Flannery DH: ?
Brogan DH: ?
DS/DS: Griffith Llewellyn (Ninor) and Reilly Ivor(SugarPlumFairy)
DD: Rinley Aeronwen(Ninor)
DS: Bleddyn Tyr (Ninor)
DD: Eavan Myrtle(molly)
DD: ?

DDog: Juno(molly)
DPup: Luna(SugarPlumFairy)
DPup: Joker(Ninor)

Riordan and Thea have been trying to have kids so they seeked out help and now are having triplets! 2 girls and 1 boy. The wants them to have long names, the FN should be either old Greek or Old Germanic and their MN's (they all have 2 middle names) should be trendy but longish for one of them and the other short and nickname like.

Rogan and Bekkah are having a girl again, her name should be Irish but trendy and her MN should be from a constellation.

The twins Flannery and Brogan although young are getting married. The new husbands names are English and trendy.


The Peacock Family

DH: Donald Lee
Dw: Jennifer Ann

DS: Drake Lee
Dgf: Autumn Skye Bentley
DD/DD: Rosemary Frances(Ninor) and Elizabeth Anemone(AhaRememo)
DS: ?
DD: Killian Willow-Aine
DH: Tristan Alexander-Lee Hawks
DS: Bailey Fredrick(molly)
DS/DS: Tristan River (Jessamine) and Tate Forrester (weirwood)
DD: Isla Ceridwen (SugarPlumFairy)
DS/DD: Tyrion Kade(molly) and Kellan Bryn(Wierwood)
DD: ?
DD: Esme Kay(Ninor)
DD/DD/DS/DS: Kenna Magnolia(Weirwood),Keelin Azalea(jessica_p),Rory Viktor(SugarPlumFairy), and Rowan Thade(jessica_p)
DS: Thaddeus Cole(AhaRememo)
DS: Jasper Xeno(molly)
DD/DS: ?

DHorse: Asta(AhaRememo)

Drake and Autumn are having a son and Drake wants his name to start with the letter D and be cool like Draven or of the such and Autumn wants to honor Drakes father with a junior but Drake and Donny both have said no to that. So his middle name will be Lee to carry on some family to make Autumn happy.

Killian and Tristan are having triplet boys!! They wand their FN's to start with the letter K and the first MN to start with the letter T and the second MN to be nature like. The FN's also need to be a little on the trendy side like their parents.

Isla is having another child. A girl this time. She wants her daughter to have a strong name with a light and airy MN.

Donny and Jenna are having another blessed event straight from the Goddess. They are haveing twins a girl and a boy. They want the names to be from the 1800's Ireland and the MN's shoulld be long and from Celtic God/Goddess.

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