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Subject: Re: One Family NTNB Round XVI
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: September 29, 2012 at 1:09:26 PM
Reply to: One Family NTNB Round XVI by Loki
Am I a pain in the ass if I point out that I came up with Ada-Luciana Langlois? You don't have anyone listed after her name. :)

The Morgan Family

DH: Reece Aneirin Morgan (Ninor)
DW: Kseniya Grigorevna (Markovic) Morgan (Weirwood)

DD: Emerson Carys Natalya Hermione (Morgan) Langlois (jessica_p) {Kendall & Harper's Triplet}
-DH: Harrison Beck Langlois (Weirwood)
--DS: Benson Carrick Langlois (NurseMom75)
---DW: Saoirse Siobhan (Sheridan) Langlois (Serel Channah)
----DS: Donovan Sawyer Langlois (jessica_p)
----DD: Catriona Sadie Langlois (jessica_p)
----DD: Roisin Stella Langlois (Ninor)
--DD: Carson Sophia (Langlois) Knight (Serel Channah) {Jamison & Ellison's Triplet}
---DH: Harley Alastair Wendell Knight (Weirwood)
----DD/DS/DS/DS: Teagan Miriam Knight (Serel Channah) / Alexis Dimitri Knight (AhaRememo) / Finley James Knight (jessica_p) / Skyler Cryant Knight (AhaRememo)
----DD/DD: Quinn Rhea Knight (Weirwood)/ Micah Caroline Knight (SugarPlumFairy)
--DD: Jamison Saoirse Langlois-Friel (LadyJenna) {Ellison & Carson's Triplet}
---DH: Sheamus Torin Friel (ValerieK)
----DD: Aisling Niamh Langlois-Friel (miakendall1075)
----DS: Rian Cillian Langlois-Friel (miakendall1075)
--DD: Ellison Rose (Langlois) Argall (miakendall1075) {Carson & Jamison's Triplet}
---DH: Dafydd Owain Argall (Serel Channah)
----DS: Emrys Llewellyn Argall (Serel Channah)
----DS: Leolin Rhydderch Argall (Ninor)
--DS: Greyson Merritt Langlois (jessica_p)
---DW: "Lucia" Ada-Luciana Raffaella (Martinelli) Langlois
----DS: Balder Mani Neptune Langlois

--DS: Jenson Wendell Langlois (Jessamine) {Anderson's Twin}
---DW: Araceli Leocadia Sanchez

--DS: Anderson Leonard Langlois (jessica_p) {Jenson's Twin}
---DW: Anneliese Georgia Simmons "Anna?"

DD: Kendall Rhosyn Nadezhda Fantine (Morgan) Langlois (Jessamine) {Harper & Emerson's Triplet}
-DH: Sherlock Rhys Langlois (Serel Channah)
--DS: Tesseney Zebediah Langlois (Zaïre Ann)
---DW: Naya Ronit (Solomon) Langlois (Weirwood)
----DD: Adina Keshet Langlois (jessica_p)
----DS: Shay Ehud Langlois (AhaRememo)
--DS: Egypt Ambrose Langlois (AhaRememo)
---DW: Calla Jolie (Black) Langlois (Weirwood)
----DD: Violet Anne Langlois (miakendall1075)
----DD: Poppy Jane Langlois (miakendall1075)
----DS: Grover James Langlois

--DD: Kerala Sabine (Langlois) Messner (Weirwood)
---DH: Rollins Beck Messner (Weirwood)
----DD: Mary Kendall Messner

--DD: Syria Lisbeth Langlois (jessica_p)
DD: Harper Alis Galina Jane (Morgan) Langlois (NurseMom75) {Emerson & Kendall's Triplet}
-DH: Lysander Cade Langlois (LadyJenna)
--DD: Cricket Gossamer (Langlois) McClaine (NurseMom75) {Acacia's Twin}
---DH: Joseph Emmett McClaine (miakendall1075)
----DD/DD: Lark Hannah McClaine (miakendall1075) / Wren Atarah McClaine (jessica_p)
----DS: Warren Ezekiel McClaine (AhaRememo)
----DD: Robin Junia McClaine (AhaRememo & Weirwood)
--DD: Acacia Circe (Langlois) Sugimura (Jessamine) {Cricket's Twin}
---DH: Makoto Sugimura (SugarPlumFairy)
----DD: Airi Truman Sugimura (SugarPlumFairy)
----DS: Yuuki Mack Sugimura (SugarPlumFairy)
----DS: Daiki Picasso Sugimura

--DD: Juniper Bliss Langlois (miakendall1075) {Sorrell's Twin}
---DH: Jakob Matthias Gabler

--DS: Sorrell Bane Langlois (LadyJenna) {Juniper's Twin}
---DW: Iona Ainsley Lowry

--DS/DS: North Alabaster Langlois (NurseMom75) / Timber Savant Langlois (jessica_p)
DS: Leslie Macsen Taras Steinbeck Morgan (Weirwood)
-DW: Kadri Maret (Sisask) Morgan (NurseMom75)
--DD: Lillian Kaja Morgan (jessica_p)
---DH: Theodore Willem Babineaux

--DS: Edward Andrus Morgan (Weirwood)
--DD/DD: Hazel Maarika Morgan (Weirwood) / Mabel Kadri Morgan (Serel Channah)
--DD: Stella Laine Morgan(Weirwood)
--DS/DS: Alfred Tonis Morgan (NurseMom75) / Leo Alvar Morgan (Weirwood)
DS: Logan Pryce Lazar Darcy Morgan (ValerieK)
-DW: "Teddy" Theodora Jane (Scarlet) Morgan (SugarPlumFairy)
--DD: "Eli" Eliza Mavis Morgan (NurseMom75)
--DD: "Ian" Vivian Tanis Morgan (Weirwood)
--DS: "Bram" Abraham Comfort Morgan (Serel Channah)
DD: Bennett Eira Valentina Cordelia (Morgan) Rodriguez (SugarPlumFairy)
-DH: Eliseo Jose Rodriguez (Serel Channah)
--DD: Rosario Jane Marcela Trisana Rodriguez (AhaRememo)
--DS: Mateo Niko Luis Frost Rodriguez (Weirwood)
--DD: Luciana Maya Berenene Temperance Rodriguez (AhaRememo)
DS: Linden Rhys Nikolai Sebastian Morgan (SugarPlumFairy)
-DW: Anneliese Victoria (Leford) Morgan (Jessamine)
--DD/DS: "Hattie" Haddassah Juliet Morgan (Zaïre Ann) / "Sy" Silas Romeo Morgan (Zaïre Ann)
--DS: Nolan Othello Morgan (ValerieK)
--DS/DS/DS: Cormac Mercutio Morgan (miakendall1075) / Talbot Angelo Morgan (AhaRememo) / Asa Sebastian Morgan (ValerieK)
--DD: Laurel Hermione Morgan (Ninor)
ADS: Lane Emrys Vitaly Frost Morgan (Weirwood) {Loren's Twin}
-DW: Gemma Kerensa (Young) Morgan (Serel Channah)
--DS: Reilly Ward Morgan (NurseMom75)
--DD: Nathalie Willow Morgan (jessica_p)
--DD: Maja Winter Morgan (Serel Channah)
ADS: Loren Owain Maksim Cash Morgan (ValerieK) {Lane's Twin}
-DW: Rosalba Lorena Evangelista-Morgan (AhaRememo)
--DD: Avila Elisiana Evangelista-Morgan (Ninor)
--DS/DS: Nikomedes Kenlie Evangelista-Morgan (AhaRememo) / Tancred Harnett Evangelista-Morgan (ValerieK)
--DD: Caelia Emlin Evangelista-Morgan (Weirwood)
--DS: "Linus" Paulinus Lagan Evangelista-Morgan (AhaRememo)

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