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Subject: Re: New Congrats by Eris - Round 5 + question
Author: AnnaMarie   (Authenticated as AnnaMarie)
Date: October 1, 2012 at 1:44:18 AM
Reply to: New Congrats by Eris - Round 5 by Eris
AnnaMarie (6)

LN: Hartman

DH: Jasper James Hartman "JJ"
DW: Elizabeth Rosemary Hartman (nee Larsen) "Liz"

DD: Eleanor Rosalie Villarreal (nee Hartman) "Ellie"
--DH: Diego Felipe Villarreal
--ADD: Nicolas Gabriel Villarreal "Nick" just noticed this is supposed to be ADD but I have a boys name, did you want me to go back and change it or change it to ADS?
--DS: Caspian Jasper Villarreal
DS: William Larsen Hartman "Will"
--DW: Natalia Candace Hartman (nee Howard)
--DD: Calla Rosalie Hartman "Callie"
DS: George Simon Hartman
--DW: Aven Ginevra Hartman (nee Hensley)
--Step-DS: Grayson Noah Hensley

DD: Olivia Adele Hartman "Livvy"
DS/DS: Nathaniel Elijah Hartman "Nate"/ Theodore John Hartman "Theo"

DDog: Phoebe (female, golden retriever)

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