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Subject: Re: Ninor's Congrats Round 14 -Edited, and question.-
Author: zombieoftheweek   (Authenticated as zombieoftheweek)
Date: October 7, 2012 at 7:40:37 AM
Reply to: Ninor's Congrats Round 14 by Ninor
UN: Zombieoftheweek
LN: Winchester
DW: Sophia Miriam Hunter
DH: Damian Sidney Winchester
DS: Jude Isaac Winchester
--DW: Anaïs Pandora (Sorensen) Winchester
--DD: Noelle Rosaline Winchester
--DD: Eva Phoebe Winchester
--DS: Ellis Alexander Winchester
--DD: Laurel Artemis Winchester
DS: Felix Benjamin Winchester
--DW: Juno Linnea (Baxter) Winchester
--DD: Violet Rachel Winchester
--DD: Cecilia Evangeline Winchester
--DS: Morgan Tobias Winchester
DS: Luca Declan Winchester
--DW: Juniper Elina Carter
--DD: Sylvia Ellen Winchester-Carter
--DD: Audrey Iona Winchester-Carter (Lillian’s twin)
--DD: Lillian Frida Winchester-Carter (Audrey’s twin)
--DS: Roman Elias Winchester-Carter
DD: Ruby Sunniva (Winchester) Leigh
--DH: Casey Edward Leigh
--DS: Isaiah Joseph Leigh
--DD: Alicia Charlotte Leigh
DS: Jonas Dylan Winchester (Axel’s twin)
--DW: Noemi Claudia Emerson
--DS: Asher Isidor Winchester
--DD: Karla Felicia Winchester
DS: Axel Hadrian Winchester (Jonas’s twin)
--DW: Dahlia Johanna Dorian
--DS: Leon Nehemiah Winchester
--DS: Micah Valentine Winchester
--DD: Petra Tanis Winchester
--DD: Frida Karin Winchester
--DD: Caroline Erika Winchester "Caro"
--DS: Arthur Dean Winchester

I just noticed that I've already used Frida as a middle name. Since Frida Karin's name came from initials, may I change Frida Karin to Freja Karin?

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