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Subject: Re: Combo CAF
Author: CosimaCH   (guest)
Date: October 7, 2012 at 12:20:23 PM
Reply to: Combo CAF by Viatrix
H: Oliver Felix Richmond [63] {LN: Murray, Flintoff, Richmond, Avett}
W: Ursula Natalia Orwell Richmond [63]

Oliver & Ursula; Mary, Estelle, Nicholas, and Edmund.

D: Mary Imogen Perry-Richmond [35]
-W: Eve Katherine Perry-Richmond [36]
--S: Liam Lucas Perry-Richmond [6]
--D: Rebecca Irene Perry-Richmond [3]
--S: Thomas Oscar Perry-Richmond [1]

Mary & Eve; Liam, Rebecca (Becca), and Thomas (Tommy).

D: Estelle Dorothea Richmond Bancroft [31]
-H: Theodore Terence Bancroft [31]
--D: Fionnuala Therese Bancroft [2]
--S: Charles Robert Bancroft [nb]

Estelle & Theodore (Theo); Fionnuala and Charles (Charlie).

S: Nicholas Benedict Richmond [30]
-W: Iris Natasha Thibeault [30]

Nicholas (Nick) & Iris.

S: Edmund Lysander Richmond [28]
-Gf: Ingrid Nora Marshall [27]
--D: Beatrice Una Marshall [6mo]

Edmund (Ned) & Ingrid; Beatrice (Bess).

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