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Subject: Re: Combo CAF
Author: Wandering Moon   (Authenticated as Lillian Abigail)
Date: October 7, 2012 at 7:42:25 PM
Reply to: Combo CAF by Viatrix
DH - Orion Richard Murray [63]
DW - Ursula Natalia {Perth} Murray [63]

DD1 - Katherine Eva Anderson-Murray [35]
-DW - Tansy Octavia Anderson-Murray [36]
-DS - Gregory Alasdaier [6]
-DD - Irene Rebecca [3]
-DS - Henry Arnold [1]

DD2 - Dorothea Estelle {Murray} Bancroft [31]
-DH - Neville Iago Bancroft [31]
-DD - Winifred Salome [2]
-DS - Robert Charles [nb]

DS1 - Nicholas Benedict Murray [30]
-DW - Eleanor Grace {Thibeault} Murray [30]

DS2 - Edmund Lysander Murray [28]
-Dgf - Edith Roisin Heloise Malone [27]
-DD - Lila Terpsichore [6 months]

Orion and Ursula Murray - Kate, Thea, Nick, and Ed Murray.
-Kate and Tansy Anderson-Murray - Greg, Irene, and Henry Anderson-Murray.
-Thea and Neville Bancroft - Winnie, and Robin Bancroft.
-Nick and Nora Murray.
-Ed Murray and Edith Malone - Lila Malone-Murray.


I love one man, and you know it; I love him while awake; while sleeping; living; dead; love him. And if I can’t have him then God doesn’t exist, Reverend Sigurður; and you, the archpriest, don’t exist, nor does the bishop, nor my father, nor Jesus Christ; nothing—except for evil.

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