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Subject: Ninor's NTNB round 10
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: February 13, 2013 at 1:43:15 PM
Sorry for any word/spelling mistakes. I have autocorrect on my computer and I’m way too lazy to reed it all over again.

There will probably be one or two rounds more after this.

The Kysely Family

DH: Kamil Václav Kysely (59)
DW: Jasmina Paraskeva (Brankovich) Kysely (57)

DD: Liljana Graziella (Kysely) Mboge (34) (ValerieK)
--DH: Emanuel Ousainou Mboge (35) (NurseMom75)
--DS: Asa Leoš Mboge (12) (AhaRememo)
--DS: Ezra Maverick Mboge (9) (LM)
DD: Romana Evangelija (Kysely) Acciaioli (32) (zombieoftheweek)
--DH: Lucio Orlando Acciaioli (32)
--DD: Rosalia Kamille Acciaioli (6) (Loki)
--DS: Raffaele Casimir Acciaioli (3) (Loki)
AD: Mireya Beatriz (Kysely) Narvaez (32, Argentina) (Jessamine)
--DH: Eladio Khalil Narvaez (34) (Loki)
--DSD: Ilawen Carmina Narvaez (11) (Loki)
--DD: Rayen Imelda Narvaez (5) (Weirwood)
DS: Maximiliano Carlisle Kysely (29) (Jessamine)
--Dbf: Abasi Kafele Mahmoud (26)
--AD: (4, Gambia)
DS: Matias Vaughn Kysely (25) (ValerieK)
--DW: Zara Isobel (Anderson) Kysely (26)
DD: Antonina Ksenija Kysely (22) (Loki)
DS: Amadou Jesse Kysely (20) (Jessamine)

Matias has gotten married to Zara, and the two of them decided to settle down in Zara’s home country, England.
Romana and Lucio are expecting a third child. This time, they decided not to find out the gender of their child. Lucio wants the FN to start with L, and they would like the MN to honor both Romana and Lucio. Feel free to be creative!
Maximilian and Abasi also decided that they were ready to start a family. They have adopted a four year old girl. They want her FN to be a English word, not commonly used as a name. You got free hands for her MN.

The Rowbottom Family

DH: Daniel Maurice Rowbottom III ”Danny” (51)
DW: Alexandra Michelle (Freeman) Rowbottom ”Lexy” (51)

DS: Christopher Maurus Rowbottom "Kit" (34) (zombieoftheweek)
--DW: Cass Shoshannah (Pelletier) Rowbottom (32) (NurseMom75)
--DD: Carys Mireille Rowbottom (3) (Loki)
DS: Alexander Jeffrey Rowbottom "Lex" (31) (Millie)
--Exgf: Phoebe Madeleine Morgan (27)
--Dgf: (29)
--DD: Ariel Gwyneth Rowbottom (8) (LM)
DS: Sebastian Rooney Rowbottom “Bas” (30) (Weirwood)
--DW: Holly Chelsea (Cooper) Rowbottom (28)
--DS: (1)
DS: Theodore Nenad Rowbottom “Teo” (25) (ValerieK)
DD: Cordelia Adelais Rowbottom “Del” (18) (Loki)

Ddog: Magic (deceased) (Weirwood)

Lex met his girlfriend two years ago. They’ve been together ever since and Ariel loves her as well. Her FN is unisex, and her MN is nature related. LN is something eatable.
Bas and Holly had a son little over a year ago. FN is from here: and MN will be Cooper to honor Holly’s maiden name.

The Powell-Loncar-Avery Family

DW: Poppy Elizabeth Loncar (54)
ExW: Cara Olivia Powell (56)
DW: Olivia Mildred Avery (52) (Millie)

DD: Danae Leeba (Powell-Loncar) Vandroogenbroeck (34) (LM)
--DH: Kyle Alicksandor Vandroogenbroeck (39) (Loki)
--DD: Kira Heidi Vandroogenbroeck (10) (Weirwood)
--DS: Sebastian Kai Vandroogenbroeck (9) (LM)
AS: Cairo Treasach Powell-Loncar (33, Indonesia) (luvmonkeezz)
--Dgf: Marise Kallisto Fontaine-Thompson (36) (Loki)
--DS/DS: Corin Thomas Loncar-Fontaine / Christian Luke Loncar-Fontaine (5)
--DS: (3)
--DD: (2)
DD: Aylín Sienna Powell-Loncar (29) (LM)
--Dbf: Jaden Landon Perry (33)
--DD: Penelope Olivia Powell-Loncar (13) (Weirwood)
--DD: Persephone Grace Perry (8) (Jessamine)
--DD: Penrose Willow Perry (6) (ValerieK)
DSS: Micah Grey Avery (27) (AhaRememo)
--AS: Marley Fox Avery (4, Latvia) (Weirwood)
AD: Elene Madison Loncar-Avery (25, Georgia) (Jessamine)
--Dbf: (38)
--DSS: (13)
DD/DS: Harlow Indah Loncar-Avery / Heath Kendrick Loncar-Avery (21) (Weirwood)

After Corin and Christian’s birth, Cairo realized that he loved being a daddy. So when they were two years old, he and Marise had another child, another boy. His FN is a place name, and his MN is scottish. Soon after his birth, Marise got pregnant again, this time with a girl. Her FN is from Roman mythology and her MN is a filler.
A while ago, Elene started dating. She told her parents about her new boyfriend, but kept his age a secret. She knew her mom’s wouldn’t like the age difference. However, things are going great for the couple. His FN is greek, and his MN is from literature.
He also have a teenage son who’s FN originally was a surname. His MN is the same as his father’s FN.

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