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Subject: Re: Generation CAF
Author: glassmidnight   (guest)
Date: February 16, 2013 at 8:50:46 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF by Serel Channah
DH (91): James Richard Watson
DW (86): Mary Margaret [Burnett] Watson

DD1 (61): Lila Elizabeth [Watson] Powell
DD2/DD3 (58): Rebecca Marie [Watson] Waters / Caroline Rose Watson
DS1 (55): George Everett Watson
DS2 (53): Robert Andrew Watson

James and Mary.
Lila, Rebecca, Caroline, George, and Robert.

DD1 (61): Lila Elizabeth [Watson] Powell
DH (67): Anthony David Powell

DS (42): James Matthew Powell
-DW (40): Euphemia Elizabeth [Dahl] Powell
--DD (15): Anneliese Lucille Powell
--DS (12): Myron Scott Powell
--DS (10): August Conrad Powell

James and Euphemia.
Anneliese, Myron, and August.

DD (40): Jane Vivian [Powell] Connors
-DH (43): Francis Valentine "Frank" Connors
--DD (16): Harriette Pearl "Hattie" Connors
---xDbf (19): Jordan Sam Gray
----DS (1): Franklin Valentine Connors
--DS (12): Randolph Abraham Connors
--DD/DD (10): Cecilia Kathryn "Cissie" Connors / Helene Francine Connors

Jane and Francis.
Harriette, Randolph, Cecilia, and Helene.

Harriette and Jordan.

DS (38): Michael Patrick Powell
-DW (34): Leah Victoria [Stark] Powell
--DS (10): Elliott Wilson Powell
--DD (5): Isabel Eileen Powell

Michael and Leah.
Elliott and Isabel.

DD (35): Virginia Giselda "Ginny" [Powell] Vaughan
-DH (35): Stanley Milton Vaughan
--DD (8): Lucie Anita Vaughan
--DD (5): Sarah Rosemarie Vaughan
--DS (2): Russell Frederick Vaughan

Virginia and Stanley.
Lucie, Sarah and Russell.

DD (34): Eleanor Jean "Nora" [Powell] Benson
-xDH (35): Philip Henry Adcock
--DD (10): Miriam Deborah Adcock
-DH: (34): Clarence Armand Benson
--DS (5): Charlie Wilfred Benson
--DS (2): Howard Morris Benson
--DS (exp): Daniel Eugene Benson

Eleanor and Philip.
Eleanor and Clarence.
Charlie, Howard and Daniel.

DS (30): Gerald Leo Powell
-Dgf (27): Lillian Florence Fitzpatrick

Gerald and Lillian.

Lila and Anthony.
James, Jane, Michael, Virginia, Eleanor, and Gerald.


DD2 (58): Rebecca Marie [Watson] Waters
DH (60): Stephan Christopher Waters

DD (35): Celia Corrine Waters
-Dgf (29): Alexandra Agnes "Sasha" Jamison
--DS (1): Kenneth Stephen Waters-Jamison

Celia and Alexandra.

DD (33): Helen Renee [Waters] Ingerman
-DH (35): William Laurence Ingerman
--DD (10): Maxine Elise Ingerman
--DD (6): Claudia Irma Ingerman
--DD (4): Luisa Jeanne Ingerman

Helen and William.
Maxine, Claudia and Luisa.

DD (28): Clara Michele [Waters] Little
-DH (30): Mark Russell Little
--DS (nb): Maurice Earl "Mo" Little

Clara and Mark.

DS (25): Joseph Alan Waters
-Dgf (20): Briony Catherine Middleton

Rebecca and Stephan.
Celia, Helen, Clara, and Joseph.


DD3 (58): Caroline Rose Watson
DW (57): Alis Charlotte Newman

DS (30): Paul Howard Watson
-DW (26): Bernice Annette [Nelson] Watson
--DS (3): Peter Anthony Watson
--DS (1): Lionel Gregory Watson
--DD (nb): Annabelle Lucille Watson

Paul and Bernice.
Peter, Lionel, and Annabelle.

DS (27): Charles Brent "Charlie" Newman
-DW (24): Diane Inez [Pace] Newman
--DS (1): Bernard Christian Newman

Charles and Diane.

DS (24): Adam Michael Watson
-Dgf (19): Naomi Iris Saunders
--DD (nb): Rosemary Ingrid Watson

Adam and Naomi.

DD (23): Kathleen Esther [Newman] Ross
-DH (30): Matthew Edmund Ross
--DS (4): David Thomas Ross
--DD/DD (2): Leah Alexandra Ross / Camille Ottilie Ross
--DS (exp): William Victor Ross

Kathleen and Mattew.
David, Leah, Camille, and William.

DD (19): Maria Valerie Watson
-Dbf (19): Peter Stanislaus Hartman

Maria and Peter.

DS/DD (15): Jack Benjamin Watson / Ivy Rose Watson

Caroline and Alis.
Paul, Charles, Adam, Kathleen, Maria, Jack and Ivy.


DS1 (55): George Everett Watson
DW (54): Theresa Lynette [Ledford] Watson

DD (29): Gloria Roberta [Watson] Stewart
-DH (31): Martin Foster Stewart
--DD (5): Teresa Dawn "Resa" Stewart
--DD (3): Cecille Denisa Stewart

Gloria and Martin.
Teresa and Cecille.

DS (25): Edwin Clarence Watson.
-Dgf (21): Sylvia Virginia Freeman

Edwin and Sylvia.

DS (23): Douglas Alexander Watson
-Dgf (20): Natalie Olga Morrow

Douglas and Natalie.

DD (21): Monica Rosalie Watson.

George and Theresa.
Gloria, Edwin, Douglas and Monica.


DS2 (53): Robert Andrew Watson
DW (49): Catherine Adelaide [Stratton] Watson

DS (25): Leonard Nathaniel Watson
-DW (25): Karin Angela [Reid] Watson
--DS (2): Ralph Guillermo Watson

Leonard and Karin.

DD (21): Agnes Eloise Watson
-Dgf (18): Jessamine Linda Young

Agnes and Jessamine.

DD (20): Myra Jannette Watson
-Dbf (21): Bryant Sylvio Ackers

Myra and Bryant.

DS (17): Dale Edward Watson
-Dbf (15): Eric Thor Burgess

Dale and Eric.

DS (15): Renford Wayne Watson
DD (14): Elinor Joyce Watson
DS/DS (13): Vincent Mitchell Watson / Robert Charles Watson
DD (11): Dorothy Grace "Dottie" Watson

Robert and Catherine.
Leonard, Agnes, Myra, Dale, Renford, Elinor, Vincent, Robert, and Dorothy.

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