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Subject: Nursemom's NTNB: Round Seven
Author: NurseMom75   (Authenticated as NurseMom75)
Date: February 16, 2013 at 10:19:07 PM
The Greenwich Family:

DH: William Rupert Greenwich
DW: Hala Yasmeen (Wasem) Greenwich

DS: Faruq Thomas Greenwich [Jessamine]
- DW: Clara Emily {McNiall} Greenwich [Millie]
-- DS: Bridger James Ruairi Greenwich [findthesea]
-- DD: ?
DS: Irfan Charlie Greenwich [Ninor]
DD: Naila Sophie Greenwich [findthesea]
DD: Samina Maisie Greenwich [Loki]

Faruq and Clara want a surname-y first name ending in -r. Two middle names: one classic, and one very Irish.

The Benton Family:

DH: Edward John Benton, "Ned"
DW: Eloise Jane (Anderson) Benton

DD: Clementine Harlow (Benton) Aromdee [findthesea]
- DH: Klahan Somchai Aromdee [Jessamine]
-- DD: Eve Sasithorn Aromdee [Millie]
-- DS: ?
DD: Agnessa Hadley (Benton) Brenton [Millie]
- DW: Faustine April (Brown) Brenton [AhaRememo]
-- DD: ?
DS: Garrett Hunter Benton, "Rett" [LM]
DD: Eleanor Harper Benton [**Hiddlestoner_26**]

Clementine and Klahan: short, easy first name, and a Thai middle name.

Agnessa and Faustine: first name that begins with a vowel, middle name that ends with -ley.

The Armistead Family:

DH: Logan James Armistead
DW: Emma Kate (Robbins) Armistead

DS: Ezra Zephyr Armistead [LM]
- DW: ?
DS: Calvin Maverick Armistead [six1seven]
DD: Penelope Hero Armistead [six1seven]
DD: Araminta Blue Armistead [findthesea]
DS: Linus Guthrie Armistead [findthesea]
DD: Christabel Blossom Armistead [miakendall1075]

Ezra's wife: first name in the top 10 of 1980s, middle name a variant of Elizabeth, surname your choice.

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