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Subject: Re: Initial CAFs
Author: CosimaCH   (guest,
Date: February 23, 2013 at 1:13:45 AM
Reply to: Initial CAFs by Fray
LN: Cooper
H: Elias Jack
W: Dorothy Marie

S: Abram David
S: Morgan Edward
D: Iris Eleanor
D/S: Lorna Delilah / Daniel Luca

Elias (Eli) & Dorothy (Dottie); Abram, Morgan, Iris, Lorna, and Daniel.


LN: Hiller
H: Uri Thomas
W: Miriam Clementine

D: Viola Georgina
S/S/D: Walter Raymond / Silas Franklin / Henrietta Katherine
D: Paulina Quinn
D/S: Anastasia Liora / Roman Nathaniel

Uri & Miriam; Viola, Walter (Walt), Silas, Henrietta (Hettie), Paulina (Pauley), Anastasia (Tansy), and Roman.


LN: Rickerts
SO1: Miles Edward
SO2: Tamsin Juliette

D: Hannah Daphne
S: Isaiah William
D/S: Olivia Frances / James Michael

Miles & Tamsin; Hannah, Isaiah, Olivia, and James.

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