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Subject: Re: CAF Competition KLM
Author: guest33   (guest)
Date: February 23, 2013 at 4:02:48 PM
Reply to: CAF Competition KLM by Loki
LN: Kruse
MN: McKay

DH: Leland Kearney
DW: Karina Maelys

ADD/DD: Luciana Maisie “Lucy” / Logan Laurel
ADD: Matilda London “Mattie”
ADS: Mason Knox
ADD: Lyla Mckinley
ADS: Killian Lucien
DD/DD/DD: Lily Merilyn / Lorelei Mabel “Rory” / Kyle Love
ADD: Kendall Magdalena
ADD/DD: Katarina McKenna “Kate” / Madeleine Melia
DS/DS/DS/DS: Kit Lawson / Lachlan Kale / Lucas Keefer / Mordecai Kasimir “Kai”
ADS: Levi Marlow
ADS/DS: Keegan Kincaid / Kingsley Montgomery
ADS: Keanu Mercer
ADD: Keira Maris
DS/DS/DS: Luca Kason / Linus Maximilian / Liam Maverick
ADS: Maddox Leander

Leland & Karina
Lucy, Logan, Mattie, Mason, Lyla, Killian, Lily, Rory, Kyle, Kendall, Kate, Madeleine, Kit, Lachlan, Lucas, Kai, Levi, Keegan, Kingsley, Keanu, Keira, Luca, Linus, Liam, and Maddox

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