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Subject: Re: CAF Generation - Variety
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: February 28, 2013 at 12:35:33 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation - Variety by Patience2010
H: [89] Sebastian Rupert Borden II
W: [77] Clara Octavia (Bentley) Borden

D1: [57] Stella Beatrice Borden
D2: [55] Helena Arabella Borden
S1: [53] Felix Edmund Borden
D3: [50] Phoebe Ismay Borden
S2: [48] Sebastian Rupert Borden III "Bastian"
S3: [47] August Peregrine Borden
S4: [45] Simon Hugo Borden
S5: [40] Oscar Barnaby Borden

D1: [57] Stella Beatrice (Borden) Springsteen
H: [56] Theodore Kai Springsteen "Teddy"

S: [31] Edward Nathaniel Springsteen
-W: Gwen Eliana (Beesly) Springsteen [21]

D: Margaret Kalila (Springsteen) Cranckheyt [29]
-H: Samuel Jack Cranckheyt "Sam" [29]

D: [27] Alice Louisa Springsteen
D: [26] Julia Charlotte Springsteen
D: [24] Eleanor Yara Springsteen
S: [22] Theodore Kai Springsteen II "Theo"
D: [20] Katherine Liv Springsteen "Kate"

D2: [55] Helena Arabella (Borden) Collamore
H: [61] Linus Kristof Collamore

S: [24] Phineas Dmitri Collamore
-W: [23] Maisie Abbott (Nokes) Collamore
-S: [4] Phineas Dmitri Collamore II "Finn"
-D: [1] Leonora Nika Collamore "Lea"
-S: [exp] Sebastian Rupert Collamore "Bas"

S: [22] Sebastian Rupert Collamore "Seb"
S: [20] Linus Kristof Collamore II "Lee"
S: [18] Tane Edison Collamore
D: [15] Petra Pearl Collamore
S: [13] Daniel Loch Collamore

S1: [53] Felix Edmund Borden
exW: [48] Dakota Alexis Chillingsworth

D: [24] Sawyer Storm Borden-Chillingsworth
S: [22] Sebastian Rupert Borden-Chillingsworth

W: [52] Sage Teagan (Bassett) Borden

S: [15] Felix Edmund Borden II

D3: [50] Phoebe Ismay (Borden) Snow
H: [50] Oliver Cassian Emmett Snow

D: [23] Seraphina Matilda Adelaide Snow
D: [21] Emmeline Anne Philippa Snow
S: [20] Damian Asher Henry Snow
D: [12] December Jane Isabella Snow

S2: [48] Sebastian Rupert Borden III "Bastian"
W: [47] (Davis) Borden

S: [23] Isaiah Indiana Borden
S: [20] Oakley Issac Borden
D: [15] Elissa Araceli Borden
D/S: [13] Ellen Earhart Borden / Sebastian Rupert Borden IV "Rupert"
D: [10] Eden Elizabeth Borden

S3: [47] August Peregrine Borden
W: [47] Aurora Serenity (Penniman) Borden

D: [19] Adalynn Leia Borden
D: [17] Alaia Blue Borden
S: [14] August Peregrine Borden "Auggie"
S: [12] Asher Elliot Borden
D: [9] Augusta June Borden "A.J"
D/S: [4] Alexis Poppy Borden / Alon Declan Borden
D: [2] Aetima Pearline Borden

S4: [45] Simon Hugo Borden
W: [38] Minerva Noelle Hunt

S: [5] Simon Hugo Borden

S5: [40] Oscar Barnaby Borden
W: [39] (Holbrook) Borden

S: [18] Louis Fox Borden
D: [17] Josephine Rosalie Borden
S: [15] Oscar Barnaby Borden "Ozzy"
S: [10] Frederick Alastair Borden
D: [9] Adele Linnea Borden
S: [6] Jasper Sullivan Borden
S: [4] William Milo Borden
S: [2] Gray Henry Borden
D/S: [nb] Zara Vivian Borden / Leo Dorian Borden

Monsters are real, and ghost are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win
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