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Subject: Re: Zombie's Question Congrats - round 10 + question
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: March 4, 2013 at 12:01:40 PM
Reply to: Zombie's Question Congrats - round 10 by zombieoftheweek
UN: Serel Channah (2)
DH: Wolfgang Benedict Meadows "Wolf"
DW: Mei Jennifer [Samson] Meadows

DS: Vincent Asa Meadows
-DW: Florence Geneva [Smith] Meadows "Flora"
-DS: Henri Hollis Meadows
-DD: Hope Katharina Meadows

ADD: Ellie Yin [Meadows] Zingel (adopted from China)
-DH: Simeon Benjamin Zingel
-DD: Eris Anansi Zingel

DD: Josephine Cosette [Meadows] Newton (Charlotte's twin)
-DH: Ivan Erik Newton

DD: Charlotte Dorothy Meadows (Josephine's twin)
ADS: Theodore Chandra Meadows "Theo" (adopted from Nepal)
DD: Lillian Serena Meadows
DD: Ianthe Elowen Meadows
DS/DD: Eva Michaela Meadows / Julius Ezra Meadows

Night owl

Question: Were Vincent and Flora meant to get another child this round? You mentioned the naming rules for them in the instructions, and it looks like everyone else got a child there.

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