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Subject: Re: Generation CAF
Author: miakendall1075   (Authenticated as miakendall1075)
Date: March 7, 2013 at 5:01:36 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF by Serel Channah
James Richard
Mary Joan

Lila Etta
Rebecca Ruth / Elizabeth Rose
Donald Bernard
Mitchell Edward

Jim and Mary Jo: Lila, Becca, Beth, Don, Mitchell

Lila Etta
Anthony Clarence

Leon Claud
- Elizabeth Sandra
-- Elizabeth Ellen
-- Myron Herb
-- August Conrad

Leo and Liz: Beth, Myron, August

Kristina Harriet
-- Pearl Anne
--- Carmelo Ronaldo
---- Valentine Lester
-- Cesar Attila
-- Cecilia Marjorie / Helene Felicia

Kristia: Pearl, Cesar, Lia, Lena
Pearl and Melo: Len

Patrick Michael
- Leah Mildred
-- Elliott Clement
-- Jamie Blanche

Patrick and Leah: Elliott, Jamie

Virginia Giselda
- Francis Stanley
-- Evangelist Anita
-- Rosemarie Marcella
-- Russell Clay

Ginny and Francis: Eva, Rose, Russell

Mollie Carmen
- Adam Otis X
-- Trudy Deborah
- Auguste Ronald
-- Charlie Marc
-- Morris Nunzio
-- Eugene Dwight

Mollie and Gus: Tru, Charlie, Mo, Gene

Antonio Gerald
- Florence Joy

Antonio and Flossie

Lila and Tony: Leo, Kristia, Patrick, Ginny, Mollie, Antonio

Rebecca Ruth
Matthew Ernest

Pamela Lois
- Alexandra Henrietta
-- Cornelius Alfred

Ella and Alex: Cory

Wilhelmina Margherita
- William Laurence
-- Maxine Mary
-- Allesyn Claudia
-- Josephine Jeanne

Willa and Liam: Maxine, Alley, Josie Jeanne

Laura Shirley
- Reed Leydon
-- Anibal Bishop

Laura and Reed: AB

Joseph Alan

Becca and Matt: Ella, Willa, Laura, Joey

Elizabeth Rose
Charlotte Queen

Algernon Howard
- Annette Neoma
-- Anthony Alphonso
-- Rafael Gregory
-- Lucille Norma

Algie and Annie: Ant, Rafe, Lu

Charles Gaetano
- Diane Elisabeth
-- Nicholas Louis

Chase and Diane: Nick

Carmelo Marion
- Aline Iris
-- Anna Alicia

Melo and Lina: Anna

Shirlee Judith
- Edmund Arnold
-- Denny Kim
-- Leah Mercelee / Ottilie Cecilia
-- Victor Rogelio

Lee and Edmund: Denny, Leah, Ottie, Vic

Alice Maria
- Peter Willis

Alice and Peter

Benjamin Walter / May Ivy

Beth and Charlie: Algie, Chase, Melo, Lee, Alice, Ben, May

Donald Bernard
Adrienne Lynette

Marylou Suzette
- Foster Jerry
-- Ada Dawn
-- Linda Denise

Mary and Foster: Ada, Lin

Edwin Jose
- Virginia Hollis

EJ and Ginnie

Gary Lawrence
- Myra Olga

Gary and Myra

Rosalie Edythe

Don and Adrienne: Mary, EJ, Gary, Rosalie

Mitchell Edward
Catherine Margaret

Henry Rudy
- Jessica Esperanza
-- Hosea Ralph

Henry and Jessica: Hosea

Elnora Ernestine
- Jessamine Linda

Nora and Jesse

Myra Patricia
- Thomas Albert

Myra and Thomas

Abraham Edward
- Traver Thor

Abe and TT

Sidney Elmer
Joyce Carmelina
Mitchell Earl / Charles Robert
Grace Paulita

Mitchell and Cat: Henry, Nora, Myra, Abe, Sid, Joy, Mitch, Charlie, Grace

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