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Subject: No.
Author: vigdis   (guest,
Date: April 26, 2012 at 1:24:46 PM
Reply to: Re: Nope. by Bea
In Fargo the most popular thrift stores are:

Boy's Ranch: Total bullshit. This is a business, none of their money goes to their charity, they treat their employees like crap - especially their special needs employees.

Savers: Oh, they'll tell you that they donate to charity or that help out the community. Real fact? Most of their clothes are bought from other Savers in other cities. They prefer donations because it's cheaper to pay for donations than to pay other stores.

Plus other thrift stores mark up their prices insanely, making it really expensive to buy used goods.

Then there is another thrift stores that we donate almost exclusively to - New Life. New Life provides employment for the homeless, almost all their profits go to their charity and they provide vouchers for families in need. st. Vincent De Paul does the same, all clothes are the same price regardless of brand. Kinda of nice when you're a high school student who can't afford new clothes, you know? And finally there is Jazzy & Mumbo's - a thrift store dedicated to helping animals and pets. You can always go there and get food for your animal.

Charities are not created equally, nor are thrift stores. You have to research extensively to know where you're money is going, how it is being handled, what programs they're doing and how much of your money is going towards people who need help and how much is going to line the charity's pockets. I've worked for non-profits before and I've volunteered for them. It's one of the reasons I prefer to donate to locally owned charities that I can see what they're doing hands on or charities that I know very well - like American Baptist Charities.

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