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Subject: Astrology
Author: Ludwig   (Authenticated as blaaarg)
Date: January 8, 2013 at 7:57:49 PM
All right, it's time to bring this to BTN, she said reluctantly.

Obviously astrology isn't real. But... like... I don't really... care. Know what I mean? I just don't care.

I started reading about astrology when I started feeling drawn to give Beau crap for being "such a friggin Virgo," which he is - most virgo ever. What did the stars say about a virgo/libra match? Well, they said everything, but this one site cafeastrology was talking about "venus in virgo" and "venus in libra" for some reason, and said it was a better comparison than the star signs. So I looked up our venus symbols. Turns out my venus was in virgo, and his was in scorpio. That didn't sound right, that sounded wack as hell! Plus I didn't know what it meant, so I angrily discounted it. Naturally, this meant I returned to it soon after. I plugged in my birth data and gave myself a fun advanced astrological reading. When Beau and I were breaking up we sat at the computer and plugged in each other's birth data and reading our natal charts was like reading a relationship counselor tell us why it wasn't going to work out.

I started delving into it a leetle more deeply. It's obviously not real, obviously - it's like 99% confirmation bias and 1% pure fate designation by the gods. But, like, it's super fun!

Basically I'm asking for your birth data, which is this...
-What day you were born (including year)
-What time, hopefully within the half hour or so (mine was off by like 3 hours and my ascendant was totally wrong, which was traumatic to deal with, as those of you who are my facebook friends know :((( ) - this is, unfortunately, pretty important, since it determines A. your ascendant B. positions of all the houses
-A city in the time zone you were born

Also u can give me your SO's birth data if you want. I'd kind of like to play with the birth data of strangers to see what kind of pictures I can come up with without confirmation bias.

You can plug it in yourself at cafeastrology's awesome free natal chart calculator ( ), as well as several other places around the web. They give you an amazingly detailed free report. But ultimately it's automatically generated so it won't be, ahem, "cohesive" (aka it won't automatically account for its obvious contradictions). Also, it's sort of overwhelming. So I'd like to do some personalized "readings," concentrating on the most interesting things about your chart... also I'd like to gather a collection of sample charts so I can start identifying patterns within them.

I hope I get like at least one response. It's super fun. I think I'm going to post a few little "idiot's guide" replies to this main post, too, b/c I know what total gibberish talks of "houses" and stuff sounds like if you haven't sat down and read a bunch of StarFateGasm.Com Astrology Beginner Guide with lots of .gif pages.

ALSO if anyone else is "into" astrology feel free to do your own readings and also become my good bud! Because I want to talk about it a lot, but if I want to talk to my friends about it I have to explain everything to them. It's like being a classical musician, except a little better because the topic is more digestible, but way lonelier because no one else is into it and I didn't major in astrology in school.

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